Digital Texts 3 March 2017

Courtauld Institute of Art (Seminar Room 1)

James Baker (Sussex) and David King (Open University)

Time: 11.00am-5pm

This workshop has two aims. First, we will introduce you to a
computational way of working with digital texts through manipulating,
counting, and mining texts using the Unix shell, a command line
interface to your computer and the files it has access to. Second, we
will go beyond the Unix shell and introduce you to a range of potential
computational approaches to text you might take, with time for you to
begin learning them with our support.

In advance of the workshop, please make the following preparations

1. Bring a laptop with you 

2. Ensure you have a Unix shell on your machine:

  • Windows users, see the section entitled ‘Installing Git Bash’ in the Programming Historian lesson Introduction to the Bash Command Line;
  • Apple and Linux  users, simply make sure you know how to find your ‘Terminal’.

3. Download the dataset required for the lesson. This can be found at

4. Review the Building Blocks for Digital Humanities and Text Markup slides from the AHDA Winter School.

 Notes and handouts

Notes and handouts from James and David are available on the workshop’s github page: