Winter School 2019 reading list

We look forward to welcoming you to the 2019 AHDA Winter School on 14-15-16 January. Please familiarise yourself with the following preliminary readings and complete the required software installations before 14 January. We will not quiz you, but you will find the classes easier to follow if you have completed the readings. The Brackets software is recommended for the Authoring for the Web session.


Whitelaw: ‘Generous Interfaces for Digital Cultural Collections’.

“Getting Started Using TEI: What is TEI?” section 1.1 (you are free to read the rest!)

Underwood (2015): ‘Seven Ways Humanists are Using Computers to Understand Text’.

Puschmann and Bastos (2015): ‘How Digital Are the Digital Humanities? An Analysis of Two Scholarly Blogging Platforms’

McGrail (2016): ‘The Whole Game: Digital Humanities at Community Colleges


Please download and install the free software ( on your laptop.


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Dr Francesca Benatti is a Research Fellow in Digital Humanities at The Open University and runs the Digital Humanities at The Open University Research Collaboration.

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