Introduction to Digital Humanities: Updated Timetable

We look forward to meeting you on Monday 14th December. Below is a revised version of the timetable.

Monday 14th December

●     12.00-13.00     Lunch and registration

●     13.00-14.00     Plenary lecture (Tim Hitchcock, Sussex)

●     14.00-15.30     Workshop 1     Building blocks for DH basics: digitisation and metadata creation (Paul Gooding, UEA)

●     15.30-15.45     Coffee

●     15.45-17.15     Workshop 2:    Information Visualisation (Mia Ridge, British Library)

●     17.15-17.45     Discussion       Art History research with digital images (Kathleen Christian, OU)


Tuesday 15th December

●     09.30-11.00     Workshop 3     Working with digital texts (Francesca Benatti, OU)

●     11.00-11.15     Coffee

●     11.15-12.45     Workshop 4.2 Working with digital images (Stefan Rüger, OU and Matthew Sillence, UEA)

●     12.45-13.30     Lunch

●     13.30-15.30     Workshop 5:    Working with historical datasets (Amanda Wilkinson, Essex)

●     15.30-15.45     Coffee

●     15.45-17.45     Practical session: Planning a Digital Humanities project


Wednesday 16th December

●     09.30-11.00     Workshop 6:    Conceptual thresholds in Digital Humanities (Matthew Sillence, UEA)

●     11.00-11.15     Coffee

●     11.15-12.45     Discussion: Student-led evaluation session

●     12.45-13.30     Lunch

●     13.30-14.00     Final remarks



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Dr Francesca Benatti is a Research Fellow in Digital Humanities at The Open University and runs the Digital Humanities at The Open University Research Collaboration.

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